Design | Build

Steve Montgomery prefers to be included in the initial design phase before the drawing begins to add his practical knowledge for the best functional and cost-effective design. With your budget in mind, Steve can ensure you get the best building for your dollar. Collaboration between a builder, homeowner, architect, or designer in the initial plan is the way to keep change orders to a minimum.

We have a team of professionals who can come together to refine your ideas and form them into a set of working plans. Our design-build team’s services are available to our clients from the early concept stage through design development, engineering, and permitting. Our engineers will ensure the structural integrity of your concept and ensure upgrades meet or exceed Title 24 energy efficiency requirements. Montgomery Quality Construction can obtain the proper permits from the building department. Experience and collaboration at the design stage can make the permitting process smooth. Budgets and schedules can be developed during the development of a working plan.

Steve insists on a hands-on approach to coordinating and managing each job, and the subcontractors needed. Steve has built a strong team of professionals whose work is tried and true and part of our success story. Many of our subcontractors have been with us for over 18 years, creating cohesive working relationships.

We are happy to work with all designers and architects to ensure your project comes together on time and within budget.